About Author

The author Sukhdev Bhatia is a graduate in Astronomy , Science and Engineering . He has studied almost all religions of the world for four decades to find reasons for existence of Myths in different religions. This interest got generated during time of his graduation in Astronomy, which he did more than four decades ago. He took to writing ten years ago.

Four books with following titles are in various stages of publication
  1. Mythological Juggernaut - Already Published
  2. The Great Transference –Under Publication – Planned to be out by Nov 2013
  3. The First Obliteration – Text finalised - Planned for publication in April 2014
  4. The Moon Dynasty – Conceptualised – Planned to be out by Nov 2014
All books are semi fictional and linked to different aspects of Mythology.

The author is a life member of Indian Writers Association and Indian Inter-Continental Cultural Association . For details please visit