The Great Transference

A monk, head of one of the oldest Gompas in mini Tibet had mastered the great art of transference of soul.

  • He informs that he will  reincarnate  ten solar years after his death, in a far off place and leaves his body.
  • The search team moves along the silk route , the famous trade route, existing as early as 1000 BC , to locate the divine child.
  • Dakini, the  empty form of true reality guides them to  the child,
  • Through subtle tests, they locate three children in far off lands.
  • Wandering monks  succeed in bringing these children to Gompa and train them in Vajrayna a secretive and exclusive doctrine.
  • The compassion of Amitayus Buddha  to liberate  all sentient beings before taking  Nirvana  results into  creation of  faiths through these children , eventually followed by billions on our planet.
  • A book you cannot miss to read.